Sunday, April 09, 2006

Shorts and a hat

I've almost finished the shorts for Sam. They now have elastic and are bound off. I just have to sew the crotch closed now (because I started from the legs up, so there's a crotch hole). But otherwise, they're done. And they're HUGE! I even measured him. These would fit the big brother he doesn't have. So, I'll have to make more. And check my gauge. Oops.

Second, I'm making a hat. I keep telling Jimmy that it's for Sam, and my sweet clueless husband has no idea that it's sized for his own head rather than his child's. I am planning to make them matching hats. Ooh. . how sweet. Or something. I just know it's cold here in the winter and maybe matching Daddy will be a good way to convince Sam to wear a hat. A mom can dream, can't she.


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