Thursday, May 04, 2006

I joined a swap

I actually joined a yarn swap. What's more, I joined one that requires making a project for someone. I'm excited and a little nervous. For one thing, I've never done a yarn swap. I know what yarns I like, but not what other people do. So, my swap partner will probably get what I like. Second, it means I'll be making a project for someone else. My swap partner. I'm getting to be a better knitter, but I'm not a pro (yet, I think to myself, but that's a little far fetched for now).

Either way, it's the "One Skein Swap". I think this makes a link, but I'm really no pro at this. Let's hope it does.


Blogger knittingsecretsqueen said...

I'm in the One Skein Swap too! What are you planning on making? I'm working on a felted bowl for her.

4:41 AM  

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