Sunday, May 07, 2006

Answers about me

I am....a wife and a mommy.
I go on a honeymoon after baby #2 arrives.
I wish....Jimmy was finished with school and we could move from this city!
I hate....the fact that my house is very messy. Chalk it up to being on reduced activity for this pregnancy, but Sam takes things apart faster than I can clean them!
I miss....Seattle and the big city feel.
I babies being hurt or suffering.
I foster son whining. This is how he falls asleep every night. . . saying "aaaaaaaaah" over and over.
I wonder....where we'll live after Jimmy finishes school.
I regret....not finishing college.
I am not...a morning person. Unless you count 1am. Then, I'm really a morning person!
I dance....with Sam. In the house, in the bathtub, in public, anywhere.
I Sam. He sings back to me. Precious!
I cry....a lot during pregnancy. I'm an emotional pregnant woman.
I am not always....a people person. Sometimes, I just need 5 minutes to myself.
I make with my hands....all sorts of knitted things. I bake, sew, crochet, everything. Also some scrapbooking when I feel like it.
I write....Lists. I can't think without lists. I write myself notes, I write in my calendar, and I write on my blog (sometimes).
I confuse....the days of the week. Being a stay-at-home mom with too many meetings does this to me.
I need....a personal masseuse. For my sore back.
I should....clean my house. But it gives me contractions. So no dice.
I start...lots of little projects, constantly. Sometimes I even finish.
I finish....some of them.
I tag....anyone who happens to read this.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

On the Knitting Blogs webring

This is big news for my new little blog. I'm on the Knitting Blogs webring. That means other people can see what knitting I've been doing (and the rest of my life that I choose to share). I guess that also means I should learn how to upload pictures so people don't just have to hear about my knitting. I'll ask Jimmy about it tonight. And how to attach the button to link to it. But until then, I'm on the internet.

I joined a swap

I actually joined a yarn swap. What's more, I joined one that requires making a project for someone. I'm excited and a little nervous. For one thing, I've never done a yarn swap. I know what yarns I like, but not what other people do. So, my swap partner will probably get what I like. Second, it means I'll be making a project for someone else. My swap partner. I'm getting to be a better knitter, but I'm not a pro (yet, I think to myself, but that's a little far fetched for now).

Either way, it's the "One Skein Swap". I think this makes a link, but I'm really no pro at this. Let's hope it does.