Friday, June 16, 2006

Recent life and FOs

I just realized it's been a month since I posted anything. Lovely. I guess that's what I get for trying to do too many things, and being pregnant and prone to preterm labor.

So, since I've been sitting on my behind to ward off preterm labor, I've accomplished a lot.

I learned to make socks and made a pair for Jimmy from some Opal I had:

And then Sam needed a matching pair.

I started some Jaywalkers, but they're driving me nuts. . . way too tight for my liking. So I may frog them or I may just finish them and give them to my sister who has teeny feet (yes, smaller than my 6 1/2 feet).

I also made my first sock for ME ME ME out of Mountain Colors, and I'm in love! Oooh! It has mohair and wooly goodness. So soft, and machine washable.

I finished my sweater for Abigail last night (my baby to come in September). It's made from 100purewool and is amazingly soft.

Pictures to come