Sunday, March 11, 2007

In my Next Life

I've been watching The Devil Wears Prada and thinking about my life. Well, about what choices I've made in my life. I'm a stay at home mom in a small city with a husband who works at a job he hates. Sounds exciting, no?

And I was thinking that in my next life, I'll go conquer the world first. I'll finish school, go to some huge city, work my way up, and have some fabulous job. I'll wait to get married until I'm 30 and I'll date all sorts of men. I'll have crazy fun and then settle down.

I was really feeling sorry for myself when I walked upstairs to check on Abigail. She's been having horrible tummy pains and just crying and crying. She finally fell asleep in our bed, and I had to check on her to make sure she was breathing. I worry like that.

So I walked into the room and she was lying there on her back, the stream of light from the hall on her face. The brightness illuminated her features and she looked angelic. I touched her hand lightly and she remained completely relaxed. Her breathing was light and she stayed asleep. Angelic. Absolutely perfect. And she left me slightly teary-eyed.

I'm not looking for something better. I have it right here. My children are amazing, I'm smart enough to exist and thrive in everyday life, and my husband is actively searching for new jobs. Sure, my life isn't perfect, but what I've created makes me happy. And even more importantly, it fulfills me.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

So I haven't posted in 2+ months. Oh, well. Life has been busy.

Jeffery moved to a new permanent home. Yes, he moved. That means I have just my 2 kids. I feel like a free woman again. I miss him sometimes, but I do love having time to blink without the mommy guilt associated with having too many kids too close in age.

I can't even think of what else has been going on. We paid off $5700 worth of credit card debt with our tax return. Yes, we've changed our withholdings for next year. But it's sure nice to be almost out of debt.

I did exciting things with the other $300 from the tax return.

We had a plumber come and fix our pipes. I know my life is too cool for school. I guess pipes are an ongoing problem for this house. Good thing the previous owners forgot to mention that when they sold to us. Lovely. But now I can do laundry every day, not just when the moon is waxing and it's an even numbered day and the sky is clear. Makes life easier.

Next, I spent almost $200 on cloth diapers. Yes, cloth diapers. And I'm loving them. I actually spent $100 on Kissaluvs diapers and found that I didn't like them, so I sold them today for $90. It was worth $10 to try them. They're good diapers, just not for me.

So I bought bumGenius diapers. Love them! More to come on them later.

Onto my kids. Sam turned 2 on January 9 and he's a wild man these days. Jeffery moving threw him for a loop, so he's really clingy, too. Wild and clingy. Seems impossible, but not for my kid. He's taken to announcing what drives by our house, and things are either a "bus,", a "VU" (suv) or a "fuck" (truck). He also announces trucks in public. Nothing like my two year old yelling "FUCK" at the top of his lungs to keep me humble.

Abigail is 5 1/2 months old and is a chunk. She's over 15 1/2lb and just keeps growing. She's short and fat. Just like Mommy. She's pulling everything to her mouth, and especially likes Sam's fingers when they're covered in food. So much for the exclusive breastmilk for the first 6 months. She's tried "messy fingers" one too many times for that.

Jimmy is now applying for jobs all over. I told him I'd live anywhere except Colorado for the next two years. Let's hope I don't live to regret that.

I've also actually been knitting. Socks. Lots and lots of socks. And hats for charity. Maybe I'll start writing about knitting sometime in the future. Who knows?

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